Interprofessional Leadership for
Developmental-Behavioral Health

SDBP Concurrent Submission
Deadline: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 5:00pm Eastern


The SDBP Program Committee requests proposals for the Concurrent Sessions for the upcoming 2019 Annual Meeting taking place September 13 - 17, 2019 in Washington, DC.

All Concurrent Session proposals will be reviewed by the SDBP Program Committee, which will consider the merits of the proposal as well as the balance of topics presented at the meeting in making decisions to accept or reject a proposal. SDBP highly encourages inter-professional presentations, with speakers from at least two disciplines (i.e. MD, MPHD, NP). Each program proposal must include a lead faculty member and list of faculty for the program. Any possible conflict of interest by any author MUST be disclosed at the time of submission. The SDBP Program Committee requests that every effort be made to include individuals who may not have been part of the faculty of a previous SDBP Concurrent Session. Presentations from younger investigators and clinicians are also encouraged. The SDBP Program Committee will communicate with the lead faculty member.

Annual Meeting Concurrent Sessions are typically 90 minutes and can be scheduled as a plenary session or concurrent session at the discretion of the program planning committee. Concurrent Sessions may not utilize more than a single room. The meeting will be CME/CEU accredited and therefore ACCME essentials for planning the meeting must be followed.

Proposals for Concurrent Sessions must contain the following components:
  1. The author’s name, address, telephone number, and email.
  2. Disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.
  3. The title of the submission.
  4. A brief summary of the Concurrent Session (less that 100 words; for use in brochure if Concurrent Session is accepted).
  5. Statement of Need (How did you determine the need for this topic? What data support this need?).
  6. Three goals/learning objectives of the Concurrent Session.
  7. The space requirements needed for the Concurrent Session.
  8. Audio-Visual requirements (Requests for additional A-V equipment after the Concurrent Session is accepted will not be approved).
  9. A complete Concurrent Session or symposium proposal including proposed speakers and their contact information (Talks should be listed in order of presentation).
  10. Keywords: Authors must identify at least 1 keyword relevant to the proposed presentation. Keyword options include: Advocacy, Clinical Practice, Education, Ethics, Interprofessional Practice, and Research.

NOTE: Faculty for a program may not independently solicit funding for the program from industry, the government or agencies without prior approval from the Program Committee and the SDBP Executive Committee.

Registration for Selected Submissions:
Each Participant will be responsible for all of their own travel expenses and required to register for the Annual Meeting.

You will need a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Complete the proposal online. You will be asked to provide a password and you can work on the abstract over several days. When you decide you have completed your proposal, you “submit”. Once you submit, you will receive an e-mail message confirming successful receipt of the abstract; this e-mail message will also contain a copy of the proposal received.

The web site is available for Concurrent Session submission 24 hours a day until 5:00pm EST on May 8, 2019 from any location that has access to the Internet. .